In Cushing, Oklahoma, we provide the business services shown below.

Please call us at at 800-927-2027 (or 405-533-2111) if we can be of any assistance. Service applications can be downloaded from this page, then faxed back to us at 405-533-2110, or you can fill out your application and drop off in person at one of our business offices.
Local Telephone Service
Local Business Phone service is available
in Cushing, depending on your location and the availability of suitable facilities.

Simple Business Service. Basic Local phone service for business is available in Cushing for $28.15 per month for each basic line. There is an additional $5.47 in fees and surcharges, for a total of $33.62 per month plus tax and any features you select. In some areas, contract term discounts of 6%-16% are available. There is no charge to switch from another local carrier.

Features, Features, Features. Chickasaw offers all of the features you expect from a local telephone company, like Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, and more. Ask your service representive about specific feature packages and pricing.

Due to technical constraints, in limited circumstances, not all services may be available to all customers located in the exchange. Your customer service representative will be happy to address any questions you have about availability at your particular service address or connect you with the appropriate technical staff.
Download a Simple Business Phone Service Application
Things to remember after signing up for service
Dial-up Internet Service
We're sorry, but Chickasaw Dial-Up Internet Service is not available with a local dialup number in Cushing.
Long Distance Services
Chickasaw Long Distance service is available in Cushing.

Simple Business Long Distance is 7¢/minute, billed in 6-second intervals for all in-state and out-of-state domestic calls. With Chickasaw Long Distance, there is never a monthly plan fee -- you only pay for what you use.

Account Codes, available with all CLD packages at no additional charge, allows you to secure your long distance service by requring each individual, department, or group, to enter a 2- through 5-digit account code when dialing each long distance call. Calls are grouped on your monthly bill by code or group name, for easy auditing, cost allocation, and expense tracking.

For International rates click here.

Chickasaw Long Distance also offers a toll-free 800 number that rings to your business on your existing telephone lines. There is no monthly fee, and calls coming in on your 800 number are just 10¢ per minute.
Download a Business 1+ Long Distance Service Application
Download a Business Incoming 800 Service Application
DSL High-Speed Internet Service
We're Sorry, but Chickasaw DSL High Speed Internet is not available in Cushing.

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